Solves the warning when loading the U-Boot environment (Zynq-7000, PetaLinux 2020.2)

I have built a boot image for the Zynq EBAZ4205 Board with Xilinx PetaLinux 2020.2. Linux was able to boot normally, but the following warning was displayed when U-Boot was booted.

Loading Environment from SPI Flash... Invalid bus 0 (err=-19)
*** Warning - spi_flash_probe_bus_cs() failed, using default environment

The Zynq EBAZ4205 Board does not have SPI Flash. In order to solve this warning, it was necessary to change the U-Boot configurations.

Open the U-Boot configuration with the following command.

$ petalinux-config -c u-boot

Enable "Environment is not stored".

Environment-> Environment is not stored

Disable "Environment is in SPI flash".

Environment-> Environment is in SPI flash

Exit from the U-Boot configuration and rebuild the U-Boot.

$ petalinux-build

The following 2 lines are added to the U-Boot settings.


An example of the PetaLinux project can be found below.

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